OpenSkyTrainSim Devblog #3

v0.8 of OpenSkyTrainSim is now available. (Internally it’s v1.1.0).

This update brings the following changes:

  1. Implement Route Monitor and it’s related functions.
  2. Improve the stations by widening it to double it’s size!
  3. Improve the TNC system so it shows the time the tnc is going to apply.

and that’s what I can remember, tbh there are lot of things that are left in the dust.

It is recommended that you guys compare the v7 and v8 and find the changes yourself!


OpenSkyTrainSim-Windows-Desktop-v0.8.0.7z 116 MB
Aug 08, 2022
OpenSkyTrainSim-Linux-X11-v0.8.0.7z 118 MB
Aug 08, 2022
OpenSkyTrainSim-Mac-OSX-v0.8.0.7z 126 MB
Aug 08, 2022

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