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This game is a challenging puzzle where you need to navigate a grid of cells, avoiding hidden mines. Here are the revised instructions:


  1. Left-click on a cell to open it. If the cell doesn't contain a mine, it will reveal a number indicating the number of mines in its neighboring cells.
  2. If a cell is not surrounded by any mines, it will automatically open all the surrounding cells.
  3. Right-click on a cell to flag it as a potential mine. If you accidentally flag a cell, you can unflag it by right-clicking on it again.
  4. To chord on a cell, click on a numbered cell with the same number of adjacent flags as indicated by the number. Chording opens all the adjacent cells that are not flagged.
  5. Be careful not to open a cell that contains a mine. If you open a mine, it will trigger a game over, and all mines will be revealed.
  6. Your goal is to open all the cells without mines without triggering any mines.
  7. Once the game has started, you cannot cancel or create a new game. You can either win the game by opening all non-mine cells or lose the game by opening a mine.

Remember, use the visual clues provided by the numbers to deduce the location of mines and plan your moves strategically. Good luck, and enjoy the game!


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